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Spring Flower Show School Symposium:

The next locally sponsored Flower Show Schools symposium will be held 8-9 March 2017 at the Pensacola Garden Center at 1850 N. 9th Avenue. The Design instructor will be Fay Brassie and the Horticulture instructor will be Gay Austin. Allied Topics will be given by Gina Jogan and Tina Tuttle. Cost to attend is $130. For more info, contact GVJogan@panhandle.rr.com.

Our last symposium was held March 4-5, 2014. Asbury Place, 5725 N. Ninth Avenue (behind Cokesbury UMC). Fifty-nine people were in attendance with 29 taking the course for credit and 17 auditing the course. We welcomed 10 garden club members who simply wanted to come and learn! 

Flower Show School Series: 
The local four course series was completed in November of 2015. Congratulations to Jenny Weber and Linda Broker from District I for successfully completing all required courses. They have written a schedules and only need to take the national reading examination on 28 October to become Accredited Flower Show judges!

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